We at TOUCAN-T like to openly face the challenges of the future. The personal exchanges with you, with people, who design rooms and future, as at the same time for us the optional exercise and not the obligatory one. The intensive cooperation with planners, architects, interior designers is the foundation for productive conceptions. And a corner pillar of our corporate culture. For that we have created flat structures from the outset and developed the open spaces for areas of creative thought: instead of hierarchy democratic conception of ourselves. From the point of view of networked thinking and working, development, production and creation were closely linked. All under one roof. All at one level: technical institute, laboratory, colour design studio - over more than 500 square metres a future oriented workshop with an open atmosphere - a showroom with a stock of samples on all types of styles, open for you.

YOU are looking for new stimulating Ideas and come with your plans or with specific ideas about your carpet design. We take a lot of time for the individual consulting and develop viable conceptions together with you. Our showroom is full of functional ideas which meet your standards of aesthetic quality. Should it not be possible to realise your ideas with them, there is still an alternative: the unique item. Thus on the one hand "tailormade" solutions for the most varied requirements - ready for series production are produced. Or on the other hand "haute couture" -specially tailored to exclusive projects and properties. That is our idea of service: not only seeing the carĀ­peting as a pure product, but as part of the whole construction project - understanding the communication process as work in progress.

Your business partners at TOUCAN-T are expert property consultants, designers and technicians with the appropriate backĀ­ground, which is decisive for complex tasks. Thirsty for knowledge concerning everything which goes to make up detailed design and holistic architecture. Inquisitive with regard to the trends of the times, with certain style when it comes to interpreting trends in line with the market. Many years of experience in the production related implementation of patterns and great demands on design have for many made us trendsetters.