A manufacturing technology which by simple means brings about a qualitative leap in sophisticated Web looks. Added to the hardware is the brainware: at the Carpet Manufacture machine and human work hand in glove. Driven by the aspiration to constantly improve the high use and comfort value of tufting carpeting and to adjust it to rising requirements. Clear cost consciousness ensures that the prices stay down on the ground.

Networked best achievements and service at a high level. TOUCAN-T see themselves as a Carpet Manufacture with a high design standard. The ongoing further development of the latest technologies as well as the careful choice of the best possible trade name fibres and tufting qualities and differentiated surface structures of a new dimension. Technology becomes part of the design language. Concentration on design and the reduction of the language of shapes permits a variety of configurations of the interpretation - both in the property-and in the living areas. The best use characteristics and high class processing techniques go without speaking. The basis of economic solutions, on which the individual aspirations can fully develop. Whether loop or cut pile carpet: the design possibilities are as varied as in the case of hardly any other flooilng, the design range is as varied as your requirements in the most different areas of application. Concentration on reduction: more than a mental attitude.