Track* by TOUCAN-T

Track is the new, high-quality loop construction, manufactured without rapport and in a varied three-coloured striped look, where the length and position of each strip portion are subjected to random. This results in partially differing surface optics, adding up to a homogeneous, innovative overall look.

In order to meet the different requirements in commercial construction projects, Track is both available in sheets or self-laying tiles. Depending on the direction of laying the tile, which is either linear or chequerboard; varied, exciting effects can be attained.

The carpet not only provides a novel surface structure, but meets all the requirements for a high-quality object surface.

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References to this product:

Stadtwerke, Reichenbach

Hauptstadt Maler & Ausbauer HWP, Berlin

School of Finance, FFM

Functional characteristics

V G l g i e M L T p q s a

Choosen color:

Track 7155

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