an open space of possibilities

We abandon typical design patterns and show for the fi rst time the diversity of our carpet worlds across all collections. TOUCAN-T meets the requirements of the future with openness and creativity. For the offi ce trend towards open space, we are introducing limitless, innovative design possibilities with cross the gap. The basis and link of the collections is the NEXT LOOK folder. All other TOUCAN-T products, with their different patterns and tonalities, merge to form harmonious units around their selected uni-qualities. The result is completely new design concepts. Zoning and uniting, atmospherically valuable and ideal as inspiration for own creations. The connecting element “colour” unites the instinct for people, markets and contemporary work.



Monochrome uses different tonalities of a single colour for its surface effect. The spectrum ranges from restrainedly delicate to powerfully dominant. A continuous fl ow of nuances that creates harmonious transitions and thus meets the course topic in the offi ce area. The fine play of colours is enlivened by diverging structures: Matt and gloss, high and low structure, loop and velour merge refreshingly dynamically into a homogeneous unit..



think green

Juicy grass, dark moss, reddish rock: The design concept think green puts the colour spectrum of nature at the feet of the office. From vibrant-fresh to warm-earthen. A natural environment to feel good and fertile ground for imagination and creativity. Invigorating Biophilic Designs complete the natural character and help concentrated work. A workspace like gazing into the countryside - gently balancing and of course inspiring at the same time.



black & white

Black & white impresses with its clear and expressive arrangement. Stylishly confident, the contrarian non-colours black and white merge with subtle shades of grey in pure harmony. Calm, balancing, promoting concentration. Not for nothing an office classic, which can now be fashionably interpreted with bold colour accents. A reminiscence of the garishly coloured Memphis style of the 80s - and a defining accent for spatial zoning.



pop art

Unconventional, from bright to spectacular: pop art meets the Open Space with a complete freedom of design. Everything is allowed, everything goes. Far away from a thematic hook-in, bold colour combinations and a wild mix of styles and patterns combine to create a casual self-sufficient arrangement. A pulsating melting pot of all TOUCAN-T collections. As bright as the colours of the big city, as powerful as the ideas of young creatives, free in the head like a dynamic start-up.



Inter cosy

Inter cosy lead interior design back to its essence - the natural feel-good factor. Noble brown meets muted, soft colours, organic structures and valuable materials: The components combine naturally to create a quiet, comfortable and cosy atmosphere. Homely as a cave, at the same time self-confident as a luxuriously furnished chalet. A place protected by nature. An office for focusing and gathering strength..


TOUCAN-T cross the gap brochure