T-SONIC for better room acoustics


Carpeting for better room acoustics

Modern office workplaces should support work optimally and provide a positive ambiance to the employees, furthermore, they should encourage staff motivation and the power of concentration. Flexible office structures combined with communicative room structures meet these demands best. 

Noise and visual disturbances strain the power of concentration – a study of the VDI (Association of German Engineers) puts the losses of performance due to these factors at 20 – 30%.These losses of performance can be reduced by T-SONIC.

Acoustics in the office

The increasing flexibility requirements concerning room and workplace design, higher working dynamics and permanently changing requirements of work processes make room acoustic design based on the workplace often challenging.Therefore, a room-wide or global sound absorption is an important step towards qualified room acoustics. In most offices – particularly when modern sectional ceilings are used – the floor is the largest contiguous surface for acoustic measures.

Acoustic absorption

Unlike most other floor coverings, textile floor covering features a significant degree of sound absorption.
Especially in large rooms (open-plan offices or team offices), reverberation effects are reduced by textile TOUCAN-T-floors. Apart from sound insulation in a room, textile floor coverings counter the emergence of footfall sounds and further improve the footstep sound insulation.
With T-SONIC, room acoustic features of TOUCAN-T carpets are upgraded considerably.

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