Pixlip, Langenfeld

The world's first specialist in backlit facade systems and the market leader in backlit system walls has a clear mission: to transform gray unit buildings and surfaces into fully lit advertising spaces. Custom-made frames made of sturdy aluminum profiles and waterproof LED modules serve as the basic framework. Covered with weather-resistant textiles, they give every building and every surface a second skin that makes an impression. Because the technical fabric is individually printed and can be exchanged at any time. This makes every facade unique.
The offices are very modern and open. In order to optimize the office space acoustically, the floor area was equipped with a high-quality carpet for heavily frequented areas. The choice fell on the carpet Maxime, which offers an extremely high wear value and impressive comfort values ​​in addition to its acoustic capabilities. The interaction of the materials used in the offices provides employees with a pleasant and inspiring working environment.

TOUCAN-T carpet: Maxime

Project | Pixlip, Langenfeld
Completion | 2015
Carpet | Maxime 6859, 6961 (400 m²)