Vitalia Klinik-Hotel, Bad Segeberg

The Segeberger Kliniken Gruppe is a group with a history of development of more than 30 years in the sectors acute care, rehabilitation, prevention and wellness. An individual 6-colour special print has been realised especially for the Vitalia Klinik Hotel. The patterning of the water and the positioning of the water lilies has been adapted individually to each room appearance of the rotunda according to the planning of interior designer Jörg Schmitter.

TOUCAN-T carpet: Velvet Classic special print (1,500 m²)

Project | Vitalia Klinik-Hotel, Bad Segeberg
Architects | Jörg Schmitter, Ammersbek
Builder | Segeberger Kliniken GmbH, Bad Seegeberg
Planning | Masur und Partner, Hamburg
Completion | 2003
Carpet | Sonderdruck auf Velvet Classic (1,500 m²)