Four Elements, Düsseldorf

The six storey building called Four Elements was erected on a corner lot of more than 6,000 m² and features green roof terraces and a two story underground garage with appr. 220 parking spaces. The preliminary work started in 2007 a gross floor area (GFA) of appr. 14,700 m² has been realised.
The architecture of Four Elements toys with shifted projections in the façade as well as different storey and building heights. By this means, the design of Petzinka Pink Technologische Architektur, Düsseldorf adopts the town-planning idea of former decades. The design of Four Elements corresponds to the opposite listed building and fits the new office building into the street picture.

TOUCAN-T carpet: Aeras Silver (7,000 m²)

Project | Four Elements, Düsseldorf
Architects | Petzinka Pink, Düsseldorf
Builder | Hochtief Projektentwicklung GmbH, Düsseldorf
Completion | 2009
Carpet | Aeras Silver (7,000 m²)