Ammonhof, Dresden

The drop-shaped form of the building fits into the appearance of the estate. The slender part of the drop points to the “Ring” (outer bypass of the inner city). A large atrium constitutes the center of the building, which keeps immissions away from parts of the building. The surrounding areas are designed as compact as possible. The Ammonhof is a “Shell-and-core” project. That means, the designer of the respective occupants are responsible for the interior fittings of the office space

The inside and outside facades are designed in a clear, simple and neutral way. The systematization of the facades allowed first-class façade details, including a low, closed balustrade, exterior sun protection and windows, which can be opened and which are equipped with transom and exterior fall proctection. The elements can be used via all inside and outside facades.

The building is designed in an economical and energy-saving way. The street frontages are equipped with triple glazing, all windows can be opened. The building equipment and appliances are reduced to a minimum, but can be upgraded individually. The storage-capable ceilings, flat slabs on cylindrical columns, are just leveled out; the atrium provides passive gains of heat.

TOUCAN-T carpet: Stream (4,500 m²)

Project | Ammonhof, Dresden
Architects | ingenhoven architects, Düsseldorf
Completion | 2008
Carpet | Stream (4,500 m²)