Gelsenwasser AG, Gelsenkirchen

As an international service provider for water and energy management, GELSENWASSER AG is represented in large parts of Germany and neighbouring European countries by a multitude of subsidiaries and shareholding.
With the new building the company confirms its commitment to its open and communicative structure. The flexible floor plan subdivision of the single levels and the open stairs, which are integrated into the work space, encourage the communication of the employees. A simple and rapid change of the departments is possible   in order to grant a targeted reaction to future user requirements. With  a regenerative proportion  of 63%  of the total energy consumption  the new building of Gelsenwasser AG  is a  model  in  Europe.

TOUCAN-T carpet: TWIST special construction (13,500 m²) and Concept Two (7,000 m²)

Project | Gelsenwasser AG, Gelsenkirchen
Architects | Anin · Jeromin · Fitilidis & Partner Architekten und Ingenieure, Düsseldorf
Completion | 2006
Carpet | TWIST Sonderkonstruktion (13,500 m²), Concept Two (7,000 m²)
Photos | Holger Knauf, Düsseldorf