The idea for the sculptural form of the skyscraper results from an urbanistic examination concerning a new office location at the growth axis of the prolongation of the U2 between the trade-fair premises and the Prater, the most attractive green leisure zone of the city.

In order to make the high-rise building the focal point of the new building development in the Krieau district, we have searched for a form which creates room instead of occupying it. The concave-convex form creates a unique environment at the end of the trade-fair promenade near the new U2 subway station, and it establishes a veritable gateway to the new quarters. The curved layout form which is expanding upwards creates space for different forms of office organisation. Independent on the form of occupation, a diversified  spatial sensation of high quality is given in any case.

TOUCAN T carpet: Astrum (3,500 m²)

Project | HOCH ZWEI, Wien
Architects | henke schreieck architekten, Wien
Planning | IC Projektentwicklung GmbH, Wien
Completion | 2008
Carpet | Astrum (3,500 m²)
Photos | IC Projektentwicklung GmbH, Wien