Johannes-Dalmann-Haus, Hamburg

Schenk + Waiblinger Architekten
Award in the competition for the realisation of Hafencity Hamburg Quartier Dalmannkai area 13 for the Deutsche Immobilien AG. The office building Johannes-Dalmann-Haus has been built into the urbanistic context, in an exposed position, directly next to the Elbe river, opposite to the planned Elbphilharmonie.

The facade design provides constantly new impressions of the building. The view varies from open to closed, depending on the location of the observer and the position of the sun protection elements.

TOUCAN-T carpet: SILVER BEACH (2,800 m²) and RAY X (1,600 m²)

Project | Johannes-Dalmann-Haus, Hamburg
Architects | Schenk + Waiblinger Architekten, Hamburg
Builder | Deutsche Immobilien AG, Hamburg
Completion | 2008
Carpet | Silver Beach (2,800 m²),RAY X (1,600 m²)
Photos | Martin Kunze