PHILIPS Zentrale Deutschland, Hamburg

Royal Philips Electronics, whose headquarters are located in the Netherlands, is a company with a versatile range of health and wellness products. Philips has appr. 7,000 employees on the payroll in Germany and is divided into several branches: Healthcare, Lifestyle and Lighting. The Head Office of Philips Deutschland  GmbH  is in  Hamburg.
The shafts of the high-rise buildings are separated by a joint. The two parts of the building are arranged offset against one another, they detach from one another, react to the urban building landscape and convey the appearance of the urban area. The lower floors are staggered against each other. The thus emerging prominence of the southern building forms the generous main entrance.

TOUCAN-T carpet: Concept Two (15,000 m²)

Project | PHILIPS Zentrale Deutschland, Hamburg
Builder | Credit Suisse Asset Management
Completion | 2005
Carpet | Concept Two, (15,000 m²)
Photos | Oliver Heissner