Up Town, München

O2 headquarters, Up Town München
The 38-storey skyscraper (146 meters) is in the immediate vicinity of the Olympic Stadium in Munic.
The glassy corners, rounded down in the floor plan and at the head of the building as well as the single shell glassy façade with electric- controlled ventilator windows for a natural ventilation of the offices are characteristic of the building. Four campus buildings, a boulevard and a newly created pinewood complete the high-rise building.
The campus building consisting of seven-storey office wings flanks the skyscraper  they are connected by a rolling segmental arch roof and a boulevard. Glassy walls between the gables provide noise protection. The boulevard between the new buildings is lined with Restaurants, cafés and retail shops which gives the whole quarter a certain impression of independence.

TOUCAN-T carpet: Concept Two special construction (70,000 m²)


The textile floor covering has been delivered by TOUCAN-T. Quality CONCEPT TWO special construction (70,000 m²)

Project | Up Town, München
Architects | ingenhoven architects, Düsseldorf
Completion | 2005
Carpet | CONCEPT TWO Sonderkonstruktion (70,000 m²)