Quartier am Zeughaus, Hamburg

The Quartier am Zeughaus (Armory District) was realised on property formerly belonging to the telecommunications warehouse on Osterfeldstrasse in Hamburg. The starting point and the first construction phase was the historic armory, with its characteristic brick details from the 1930s. With a minimum of intervention in its historical fabric, this structure could be transformed into an attractive office building. During two further construction phases, a highly flexible office complex emerged whose outlines and materials make reference to the historic armory. Due to the total dimensions and the mixed use of offices, residences, services, restaurants and recreation opportunities, the result is a lively district.

TOUCAN-T carpet: Xerra (12,000 m²)



Project | Quartier am Zeughaus, Hamburg
Architects | HPP Hentrich–Petschnigg & Partner GmbH + Co. KG
Builder | Calliston Gesellschaft für Projektentwicklung mbH, Hamburg
Completion | 2008
Carpet | Xerra (12,000 m²)
Photos | Jochen Stüber