A lot of common dirt can be avoided if sufficiently dimensioned clean walking zones are laid out in front of entrances and in the entrance areas. To keep it functioning for a long period of time, it must be cleaned or changed regularly.
Regular cleaning is decisive for the cleanliness of the carpet floor and determines the intervals in which an intensive cleaning is necessary. A high-performance upright vacuum cleaner should be used here, which, alongside loose dirt on the surface, also removes deeper particles of dirt and raises the floor in the process. For high pile coverings, the brush is to be set to the lowest level (hard/smooth surface) or it should be used with the combi-floor nozzle in order to prevent matting effects. In order to maintain the representative character of the covering, it is important in addition to regularly remove stains (cf. paragraph 3) as a continuous measure to maintain value.

TOUCAN-T cleaning and maintenance instructions.pdf
TOUCAN-T removal procedures for specific stain.pdf